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7 février 2023

Libye : Oposing Death Squad Injustice

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Libya: opposing death squad injustice!

In defence of the Libyan, Socialist, Pan-Africanist, Pan-Arab leaders and political prisoners held in detention and being threatened with execution by Nato’s death squads

Special guest speaker – Moussa Ibrahim – Libyan Peoples National Movement via live video link

Ali Alkassih – Libyan Al Jud Charity for Human Rights

Dan Glazebrook – Author, political analyst and journalist speaking on why there was no basis for the UN resolutions facilitating the Nato war on Libya

Hafsa Kara – Expert on Africa speaking the on the fall out on Africa and Asian from the Nato war on Libya including on the crisis for migrants and people trafficking, terrorism and war.
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  • LIBYA: Against Death Squad Injustices

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