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2 octobre 2022


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UKRAINIAN ARMED FORCES DESTROYED HEADQUARTERS OF AZOV NATIONALIST BATTALION IN MARIUPOL – REPORT 14  2  0 Share1   23 Support SouthFrontClick to see full-size imageThe headquarters of the Azov special detachment in Mariupol were hit with the Tochka-U tactical missile system by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, according to the DPR People’s Militia.According to the report, more than 20 militants were killed.“The location of the headquarters of a separate special purpose detachment “Azov” in the south-west of Mariupol was struck by the armed forces of Ukrainewith the “Tochka-U” tactical missile system. As a result of the strike, more than 20 militants and 10 pieces of equipment were destroyed,” the report says.The attack was a result of the contradictions between the UAF command and commanders of the Azov battalion.Members of the Azov nationalist battalion, who are now blockaded in the city of Mariupol, reportedly refuse to obey and coordinate their actions with the command of the Ukrainian Army.The nationalist battalions pose a big threat not only to the Russian soldiers, but also to the local civilians, who were kept in hostage in the city, as well as to the current regime in Kiev and President Volodymir Zelenskiy. The crowds of armed nationalists have gained power in Ukraine during the last few years. Today, when the Russian troops have taken control over several major cities and continue their advance, these members of the Ukrainian nationalist battalions would point their guns at Mr. Zelenskiy if he accepts the defeat of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the numbers of casualties are growing in the ranks of the both warring sides, as well as among the civilians.MORE ON THE TOPIC:

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