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2 octobre 2023

Head Of Fake Libyan Revolution Admits Ghadafi Did Not Kill Protesters

 Cette manifestation a été inventée. Nous l’avions dit et écrit… Personne ne nous a cru. Nos amis Libyens nous l’avaient affirmé lors de nos voyages de soutien à la Jamarihiya en mars, mai et juin. Ils ne comprenaient pas les inventions sordides de nos médias. Sarkozy/Levy voulaient la peau de Kadhafi pour leurs amis USraéliens … Ils l’ont eu par des mensonges, des fausses accusations, des invensions criminelles.


Selon l’ex « chef de la révolution libyenne », l’histoire de la manifestation anti-kadhafi de Benghazi

aurait été inventée pour faire accroire à une révolte populaire …A creuser et vérifier


Head Of Fake Libyan Revolution Admits Ghadafi Did Not Kill Protesters

By Saman Mohammadi


May 22 2014 « ICH » – « Truth Excavator  » – America and NATO ended secularism in Libya and brought Islamic extremists to power, who have committed many crimes, including massacring thousands of black Libyans during the immediate stages after the destruction of Gaddafi’s regime.

Video Title: Head of False Libyan Revolution Admits Ghadafi did not Kill Protesters. Source: Karma Justice. Date Published: May 20, 2014. Description:

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Head of the National Transitional Council in Benghazi in 2011, admits: Gaddafi did not order the shooting that started the false revolution in Libya. Now after the destruction of Libya, Jalil admits to the world on Libyan Channel One that the protestors that were killed in Benghazi that caused the UN and NATO to attack Libya were killed by a group of spies and mercenaries who were not Libyan. He admits that he knew the truth at the time but it was done to take down the Libyan government and break the state. He admits that he was briefed in advance that this was going to happen and that the people of Libya did not recognize the dead protestors because they wore civilian clothes and there was no one who came to their funerals as they had no relatives or friends in Libya.

As we have been saying since February 2011, the so called revolution in Libya was a false flag. The Libyan people by large majority were happy and « safe ». Islamic extremist groups were illegal in Libya. Now Libya is controlled by Islamic extremists groups (Al Qaeda, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), The Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia and others). The country is broken, there is no security, thousands have been imprisoned illegally and hundreds tortured to death. There is no government, there are no oil sales, 2 million are still in exile, psychopaths have taken the country and it is now considered a « grey state » – no borders and no government.

So, thank you Obama, CIA, Hillary Clinton, NATO and the UN for NOT protecting the innocent civilians in Libya. —————-

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Aug 27 2014

War in Libya: France Sued

War in Libya: France Sued

Residents of the Libyan city of Touarga, victimized militia anti Gaddafi during the war in Libya in 2011 , started proceedings against France for legal assistance to the rebels said their lawyer in Paris, Marcel Ceccaldi. This lawyer assigned the French State before the High Court of Paris and claimed more than € 600 million to compensate some 40,000 people forcibly displaced or families of the missing Touarga or 15,000 euros per person, has he explained . During the war in Libya, Touarga, near Misrata, 200 km east of Tripoli, had long been a strong pro-Gaddafi instead. Its inhabitants were accused by rebel fighters from Misrata have played a key role in the siege of their city by loyalist forces and committing numerous abuses, such as rape. A violation of the UN charter, but after Touarga taking by rebels of Misrata, the city had been deserted as a result of violent reprisals, including looting and fires. These abuses were denounced by Human Rights Watch.  In his summons, counsel submits that taking Touarga and atrocities that followed were made possible thanks to the coalition air strikes under NATO command, which France played a leading role. However, Resolution 1973 of the Security Council of the UN “provided for the protection of civilians, but did not allow the members of the coalition states to intervene in the conflict,” outlines Marcel Ceccaldi. In his view, it is therefore a violation of the principle of non-use of force posed by the UN Charter, which the French state can be held responsible. “The consequence is a deserted city 2000 missing and an unknown number of people in prison, “said the lawyer, who has defended several dignitaries of the former regime of Muammar Gaddafi. This procedure is expected to take many months before a hearing on the merits of the complaint.

The Truth of Libya (Finally) Goes Mainstream







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The Truth of Libya (Finally) Goes Mainstream


Mustafa Abdul Jalil Head of False Libyan Revolution Admits Qaddafi did not Kill Protesters



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