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18 avril 2024

Ban Uranium Weapons

Welcome to ICBUW’s occasional e-newsletter, with information on depleted uranium weapons and our campaign to ban them.
Hi folks, sorry for the deluge of emails but we thought you’d want to be kept abreast of developments here in New York. We expect the First Committee to vote on the new resolution this Friday, between 15:00-18:00 EST. We’re coming to the end of our time here but just wanted to thank you for all your tweets and support. Particular thanks to ICBUW and IPPNW Germany who responded very quickly to the shock news that their government will abstain on the new text for the first time. The resolution will be voted on again by the General Assembly in the first week of December so the story, and work, is far from over.

ICBUW statement on depleted uranium to United Nations First Committee

On October 28th, ICBUW, together with other representatives of civil society coalitions, addressed member states at the UN General Assembly First Committee. Read on
US will use depleted uranium in Iraq again ‘if it needs to’

A US military spokesperson has confirmed that the US will use DU weapons in its fight against ISIS in Iraq if ‘it needs to’ – in spite of Iraq’s recent call for a global ban and for assistance. Read more.

Deutschland verweigert Zustimmung zu UN-Resolution über Uranmunition

Die deutsche IPPNW-Sektion appelliert in einem Brief an das Auswärtige Amt, morgen in der UN-Generalversammlung für die Resolution zu den Folgen von Uranmunition zu stimmen. Read more

US deploys DU aircraft to Middle East

Al-Jazeera’s take on the news that the US is willing to use DU in Iraq again – despite its call for a ban. More here.

Download our First Committee briefing paper

All you need to know for the UN General Assembly: history of the resolutions, key DU issues, state and agency positions and case studies on Iraq and DU and demining. Click

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