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8 mai 2021

LIBYE : Garden Of Knowledge Malta Association

Garden Of Knowledge Malta Association /Gnien Tal Gherf a publié dans « What’s happening in Libya and why is it important? From Africa’s Richest State Under Gaddafi to Failed State After NATO aggression . ».
Garden Of Knowledge Malta Association /Gnien Tal Gherf
7 octobre, 16:46
Interesting article by our comrade Sukant Chandan from The tricontineantal platform in london on the war propaganda in this issue
Al-Jazeera: An Island of Pro-Empire Intrigue
« The Empire admits: without Al-Jazeera, they could not have bombed Libya. »-
The news: Gaddafi is bombing a great popular demonstration in Tripoli, killing 15 000 to 20 000 demonstrators; the news was coordinated by both AL Jazira and Al Arabya, respectively governmental Tv of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, it is immediately taken up and reported by all TV in USA and in europe; all major European newspapers, right and left, went out on the front page with the news of the massacre: the massacre never happened, never!

Sukant Chandan, « Al-Jazeera: An Island of Pro-Empire Intrigue »
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