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30 novembre 2021

Une pensée pour nos populations les plus démunies à qui on a su vendre la peur de dieu


– de JP Pougala

En ce dimanche, jour de prière pour les chrétiens, je demande à ceux
qui iront à un lieu de culte d’avoir une pensée pour tous nos
populations les plus démunies à qui on a su vendre la peur de dieu et
qui, même ayant dormi affamées, vont trouver malgré tout, l’argent
pour engraisser le prêtre, le pasteur.

Une autre pensée à la population démunie noire américaine qui a versé
aux églises noires en 18 ans, de 1980 à 2008, la bagatelle de 480
milliards de dollars c’est-à-dire 240.000 milliards de FCFA, alors que
leurs enfants finissaient presque tous dans les prisons, par manque
d’éducation, de suivi; alors que ces enfants n’allaient pas à
l’université par manque d’argent, n’ont fait aucun voyage hors de leur
ghetto, par manque de sous.

Vous qui allez prier ce dimanche, merci de prier pour que ce modèle ne
s’installe pas en Afrique, et que nous ayons suffisamment de force et
d’intelligence pour neutraliser cette mafia qui se développe toujours
plus partout en Afrique, pour sucer jusqu’aux os, les plus pauvres.

Merci de prier pour que les politiciens africains aient le courage
d’interdire le prosélytisme (propagande) religieux, pour protéger nos
populations les plus faibles psychologiquement.

Une dernière prière pourqu’enfin en Afrique, la laïcité de l’état, des
institutions et de l’espace publique ne soit pas un vain principe,
afin que dans les 100% d’hôtels et auberges en Afrique il n’y ait plus
l’agression psychologique d’une bible toujours là, dans toutes les
chambres et de façon systématique, alors que l’hôtel qui est un espace
publique, comme l’état est laïque pour respecter le choix de tout un
chacun de croire ou de ne pas croire. JP Pougala 09/09/2012

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Black Churches Have Collected $420 Billion?

source :

Black Churches Have Collected $420 Billion?


churchLiveSteez research shows that Black churches, in aggregate, have
collected more than $420 billion in tithes and donations since 1980.
With a Senate investigation into the finances of several mega churches
underway, the “Prosperity Movement” has been the target of mounting
criticism from inside and outside the Black Church. Specifically, the
affluent ministries of The Reverend Creflo Dollar, Bishop Eddie Long
and others have drawn the attention – and ire – of some clergy and
laypeople alike.

Researcher Henry E. Felder’s study of Blacks’ donation habits
demonstrated per capita spending of $508 per year in 2009 dollars.
Another source, Tyler Media Services, estimated that Black Church
revenue approached $17 billion in 2006.

One church, the Reverend Dollar’s World Changers, reported $69 million
in 2006 income, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Mainstream politicians and Black community leaders are demanding a
better accounting of the “return on investment” offered by churches to
the communities that fund them. Meanwhile, legions of faithful
churchgoers defend their pastors and accuse their detractors of
applying a double standard that ignores the largesse of wealthy, white
televangelists, while underplaying the economic development and social
service functions provided by the Black Church.

“The church has gotten caught up in materialism and greed, a
lifestyle. Many ministers today want to live like celebrities and they
want to be treated like celebrities. In other words, instead of the
church standing with the community, the church has become
self-serving. It has strayed away from its mission” according to
Dr.Love Henry Whelchel, professor of church history at The
Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta.

Few people – not even the ongoing Congressional investigation by
Senator Chuck Grassley accuse the mega church pastors of outright
larceny, and congregants generally approve of their pastors’ luxurious
lifestyles. However, in a blatant recent example, a father-son pastor
team, 76-year-old Richard Cunningham of Moreno Valley and his son,
52-year-old Philip Cunningham of Laurinburg, N.C., pleaded guilty to
felony grand theft and fraud charges. The younger Cunningham also
pleaded guilty to forgery. Over five years, prosecutors say, the
Cunninghams stole from Calvary Baptist Yorba Linda Church and School
bank accounts and used the money to buy time shares in Hawaii and Palm
Springs, golf club memberships and a Cadillac. Prosecutors say the men
have paid $3.1 million in restitution to the church.

LiveSteez’s investigative series will take a forensic editorial
approach to quantifying the return to Black America for the $350
billion in tax-favored donations it has given to the Black Church,
examining the arguments on both sides of the pulpit. In this series we
will seek answers and advisory to the following questions:

– How often and how much do church leaders take advantage of the faith
of poor black people?

-We will investigate and indentify the churches they are showing a
strong return on investment that goes beyond inspiration.

– What does the black community have to show for the $350 billion in
tax free dollars?

– Expert analysis on what could potentially be done with such a huge
amount of money and how it could improve the state of our communities.

– Why do some church leaders refuse to participate in the Grassley
congressional Investigation, which requested the financial records of
several mega-churches.

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