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31 mars 2023

La Quenelle de Dieudonné s’exporte

Posted by bmc2012 on November 19, 2013


For the connoisseurs of French cuisine, the word ‘Quenelle‘ is known. It is a dish made from minced fish, chicken or meat cooked in water in the form of an oval dumpling. In fact, the French word derived from the (German) word dumplings.
This article is not about the ‘haute cuisine’ but the explanation why the word ‘Quenelle’ has got a different meaning in France. It is the expression for ‘f**k you‘ or ‘Stick it in your ass‘. Sounds vulgar but is meant as an expression of protest against the elite. There is also a hand sign and this could become a worldwide symbol of the uprising.

The Quenelle is shown in which you stretch the arm straight down and indicating with the other hand as a measure of the length. The higher the hand, the longer the measure, the stronger is the symbolic expression of protest. This new meaning has invented the popular French comedian originally from Cameroon, Donne Dieudonné or ‘Dieudo’ as he is known in France. Meanwhile, the character has become very popular with the French, and is exploited ubiquitously is used for ‘f**k the system‘, ‘the state can kiss my ass‘ or ‘plug it in your ass, Mr. President‘.

The symbolism has become so popular, the French regime of Hollande is panicking and has taken measures to suppress the symbolism and even prohibit. The gesture is treated in their eyes as the Hitler salute. Nevertheless, it is shown at every opportunity.

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